Furniture grade, heirloom quality, Comforting Keepsakes Memory Box is custom made with your inscription, choice of borders and fonts. Because each box is hand made from natural materials, each box will be as unique as their loved one, and may differ in shade of color & wood patterns.

The passion I have to help others who are beginning to walk the dark path of grief has led me to recreate this box and to fill it with comfort. It is my greatest wish that this will bring comfort and a place to store special keepsakes. I’ve never been one to keep “stuff”, but when it came to the personal items that my husband kept near him regularly, I wanted a special place to keep them. This gift has lasted for years and has given me the opportunity to receive comfort. When I need to, I open the box, spray his cologne, touch his possessions, reflect, cry and grieve. This box will come as a gift of healing and peace.

The comfort package is a unique gift because it includes items and guidance for surviving the journey of grief. Each item included has an explanation about how it can be a tool for comfort.

Details About the Box

  • Personalized lid with name and design
  • Precise dovetail corners
  • Outside Dimensions 15 x 19 x 4.5 inches
  • The hardwood sides have a poly finish applied
  • The lid is stained to coordinate with the hardwood

Details About the Comfort Package

  • 1, soft comforting prayer shawl, (style may vary)
  • 1, paraffin free candle made with 100% soy
  • 3, Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea Sachets
  • 1, Bath Bomb, locally made in Edwardsville, Illinois
  • 1, 80 page spiral bound reflection/communication journal
  • 1, Comforting Keepsakes pen
  • 1, 5×5 sorrow poem magnet
  • 1, My Person greeting card (designed for the recipient to gift to “their person”)
  • 1, contents card
  • 1, description card from Sarah
  • Personalized message from you (optional)


Signature Handmade Keepsake Box with Deluxe Sympathy Gift Set - Pricing Varies

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