Your recipient will be grateful and comforted when they receive this gift package that includes items specific to help them feel loved.

Our package arrives as a gift package to you or CAN BE SENT STRAIGHT TO YOUR RECIPIENT. Please be sure to change the shipping information with their name and address.

The Contents for Comfort are:

  • A personalized card is included.
  • Journal: Writing can be therapeutic and relaxing. Whether it is used for sharing thoughts or dreams, the soft linen cover itself would look great on any side table.
  • Pen: Our recipient love this smooth ballpoint with a soft feel.
  • Tea: 3 sachets of the aromatic Harney and Sons Cinnamon & Spice tea. A warm hug in a mug.
  • Succulent: You choose— real or artificial. Just a little way to add a natural feel to this gift that your recipient can keep and enjoy.


* Wooden box pictured above is not included. To add a personalized box, check out our personalized wooden memory box*

Journal and Tea Care Package - Pricing Varies

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