Your recipient will be grateful and comforted when they receive this gift package that includes items specific to providing comfort during one of the hardest times in life.

Our package arrives as a gift package to you or CAN BE SENT STRAIGHT TO YOUR RECIPIENT. Please be sure to change the recipient information to their name and address.


  • A personalized card is included.
  • An instruction card is included explaining the purpose of each items. These items are sure to bring comfort that last long after the flowers have all died.
  • Grief Day by Day Book: No matter what the days were like leading up to loss, it is a punch in the gut. It is a pain like no other. There are no rights or wrongs in the grieving process, but this comforting guide will help you to understand and learn how to survive day in and day out. Nothing is the same and this book will help to guide you.
  • Original Harney & Sons Tea: Take a minute to allow yourself a treat or reward. This tea is a great option to be a warm, healthy embrace that flows through your body. This cinnamon tea, in particular, gave my body permission to relax. You are so needed and are pulled in many different directions during the day. Get plenty of rest. Your body has survived an emotional trauma. Allow this addition to your day to bring warmth, comfort, and a little moment of relaxation.
  • Comfort-Scented Bath Bomb: This hand-crafted bath addition is made with essential oils to help calm your senses. The magnesium naturally found in this salt, may help to relieve stress. When you have this time alone, allow yourself to cry, sob, and grieve. Release your emotions and let the negative thoughts and anger melt towards the drain. Look at this time as an opportunity to press the restart button.
  • Uplifting Fragrance Candle: The new smell you experience with this candle represents something new and unfamiliar. Your life has changed. Places, sounds, and songs take on a new meaning. Your surroundings may look and feel different then before your loss. Embrace new experiences, people, and opportunities. Live the life your loved one cannot.
  • Sorrow Magnet: This poem was given to me in a sympathy card, written on a scratch piece of paper. I put it on my refrigerator and found myself actually reading it, over and over and over. The author, Abraham Lincoln, was not a stranger to sorrow and grief. He lost his brother, sister, and mother before he even married. I wanted to. Believe the words. I’m not “fixed” or “over it”, but I have given myself permission to feel joy and love. So, place this magnet where you can see it often and read it…really…read it every. single. day.

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