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Change and Turtles

If someone told me a year ago that there would be a worldwide pandemic and the way we comfort those who are grieving will change completely, I wouldn’t have believed it. We, as a society, are stuck in a rut of funeral tradition. We spend 10, 20, 30 thousand dollars on one funeral and flowers. But, the most important piece of loss are the ones left behind. I have been trying to implement new ways to comfort during loss since I started Comforting Keepsakes in 2017. The food and flowers just weren’t enough. Grieving loved ones need actual tools.

Change and Adaptation

Change and adaptation has definitely been part of our culture this year. It would be so easy, in so many different scenarios, to throw in the towel. Everything became more complicated. I never thought I would experience a summer where almost everything was CANCELED.

It’s been OK, though. I don’t regret how we have spent our time.

Increased home time, also means that AJ and I couldn’t get away from our work very easily. Being home a lot, where our businesses are, made it difficult to differentiate between work time and home time. This is a weakness of ours, pandemic or not. We are productive people! We can’t help it.

Benefits of COVID-19

“Benefits” of Covid-19 seems like it is playing down the severity and damage that has occurred, but maybe there actually have been. I have had more real-time FaceTime with my children than I have had for a while. We had time to be home and not constantly run from point A to point B. Which, if you know us, we aren’t into getting home at 10pm and repeating it all again the next day.

The greatest benefit I have found is how public areas and restaurants have changed the way they “clean”. It makes my germaphobic heart happy to see menus and door handles being disinfected, masks being worn, and hygiene kept at a high standard. Let's just keep that part of this crazy world, if you don’t mind.

Lifelong Change

As a family, we made a huge decision to purchase a beachfront condo. Sounds incredibly crazy and fancy, right? Well, the crazy part maybe, but the fancy part not. We are working on renovating and making 1980 disappear from this hidden gem in Florida. Covid living gave us that push to start a family tradition–a place that we can look forward to, go to, and call our own. The outside world can’t stop us from creating experiences and new memories together.

Bucket List From Heaven

As with everything our family does in life, I especially, have Kyle with me. He would have LOVED the experience of Manasota Key. He stayed awake while he was on midnights, planning vacations to tropical places, up until the “book now” button. SO many trips….

He loved the ocean. I am honored and so blessed to be able to take our children to a place that he loved SO much. Everywhere I go, I take a little piece of Kyle with me. I can hear him saying “This is freaking awesome!” I can only hope that hearing these same words from the mouths of our kids will make him smile.


Memories, Check!

I included a few “after” pics. We aren’t done, of course, but hopefully in the next year or two, we will be able to say the update is actually finished. My pride and joy of this whole journey is by far our experience of the “rescue” of Tuck the Turtle, who was stuck inside the nest. His 110 other brothers and sisters had already made the journey to the waves, but a nemo-like fin on his front left side, left him unable to crawl from the nest. Mia and Kaylee loved their real-life Moana experience! Once he was rescued on nest excavation day by Turtle Patrol, he finally made his journey—and we watched!

Until the next nap time,


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