Make New Friends, and Keep the Old…

Make new friends, but keep the old…

Nothing makes me feel better than time with my friends.  If I was my 16- year- old self saying that, it would take on a whole new meaning than it does now.











I have best friends from high school, best friends from college, best friends from work, best friends who are family, and best friends that are because tragedy brought us together.  I have “Kyle and I’s friends” and “AJ and I’s friends” and friends that fit into both categories.  In each of these groups, I can be myself, let my guard down, and truly enjoy the moment. They all take me for who I am, whatever I’m wearing, back my crazy ideas, and make me smile.  These are my people.


The older (and of course wiser) I get, I value this time, more and more. There are never enough hours in the day to do and see all the different things and people I would like to.  God willing, I’ll be given another day to keep those relationships alive.


Recently, I had a few close friends over—this group—which is only a portion of who I would consider, is together as a result of loss.  We have all lived through tragedy and have and continue to keep putting our hearts back together.



These moments were incredible and I am still on a high from being around all of these incredible people at one time.  They made me forget to look at my phone.  They made me laugh until I cried.  They made me feel normal.  They humored my dessert of “Tim Tam Time”.






To all of my friends… I love you… I didn’t grow up saying that to anyone really.  Our family just didn’t speak so openly.  My goal is to do that.  I love the people that love me and us for who we are.


Until the next nap time…

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