Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2020: Don’t Be Dumb

There is a family behind every uniform.

I was married to a police officer, but that doesn’t mean I don’t sweat a little when I see lights in my rear view mirror.  It’s hard to be told you are doing something wrong no matter what the situation.  But I liken getting pulled over to getting in trouble by your parents as a child, but now as an adult!

Kyle was SO proud on Graduation Day! He had a small cheering squad between his family and mine.

A sweet little law enforcement encounter that I remember very clearly, was on a day I was driving home and those beautiful red and blue lights popped on behind me; out of nowhere of course!! I do not claim to be a perfect driver and may push the posted limit at times, but I KNEW this time, I was NOT speeding.  Lucky for me, it was a good looking officer who approached my door— my husband.  Officers don’t usually get to pull over people they WANT to see.  But this time, he was definitely profiling….

We have so many friends who are in law enforcement.  What makes most of them special, is that they are friends, not officers, to me.  Kyle’s friends from before the crash, are still there for me now.  So, regardless of their chosen profession, there are a lot of great people who I want to make it back home to their families.

A billboard posted by Mid-America in honor of Kyle. It was displayed on I-55 & Rt.40 in Highland.

I remember being at the cemetery, deciding on our plots, and I was told that a billboard company wanted to display Kyle’s photo on I-55. They asked what I wanted it to say.  All I wanted people to know was that “There’s a family behind every uniform.”  They aren’t robots or ticket writers without souls. They are people with hobbies, families, dreams & goals.

Several of Kyle’s coworkers and friends in law enforcement coming out to help Kaylee celebrate her birthday!

It can be hard to appreciate law enforcement sometimes.  It is their job to uphold the boundaries set by the state that we AGREE to when we receive our drivers license.  Kyle always said, “Driving is a privilege, not a right.” It’s true. Operating motor vehicles are like driving massive weapons.  It is scary to me, how often I look over and see people on their phones driving 70+ MPH.  Talk about a bad choice with major consequences if just the slightest thing goes wrong. The driver who killed Kyle was going above the posted speed limit and left his lane in order to hit and kill Kyle.  In a split second, this man took a life, a husband and a father.  Whether or not it was intentional, no-one wins.

The two Kyles. Both awesome in my book.
Kyle was proud of his profession and asked me to take his pic with Kaylee.
Brad worked with Kyle at Madison County and ISP Dist 18.
Not Jarrod’s wife–but still a great friend. Jarrod was such an important mentor to Kyle becoming a Motor Officer.
Kyle had a great squad of Madison County Guys–this is only a few!

On Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, please don’t require their services.  Don’t be dumb.  Save yourself a lifetime of hurt and sorrow by paying attention behind the wheel.  Don’t make them get out in harms way.  If you do get pulled over, pull over in a safe place for yourself and the officer.  You both have families waiting for you.

Recently, IDOT reached out to us for video of Kyle in order to do a PSA regarding Scott’s Law.  It seems like yesterday and forever all at the same time to hear Kyle’s voice and laugh.

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