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Break the Mold…Find Your Awesome. Sound familiar?  Then you must go to my gym!

This post is to maybe give a little extra push if you are on the edge of beginning a self care regimen.

Growing up, I played a little bit of every sport.  I settled into soccer and volleyball in my high school years, which I now consider my favorites.  I never made cheerleading, I rarely started on the teams I made, and to be brutally honest, I was in it for the social enjoyment of it all.

Owning a treadmill most of my adult life, I walked and ran occasionally and only if there was a TV in front of it.  Actually, the morning Kyle was killed, I had just finished running (or attempting to) on the treadmill.  At that time, Camden was 10 months old and I was still trying to shed some pounds. 30 minutes after I turned off my treadmill, I found out that Kyle was killed during my run.

Fast forward to a couple months after my life got flipped turned upside down.  (Now I’d like to take a minute, so just sit right there…..)  Just kidding–don’t tell me that didn’t cross your mind too.  Bear with me.  Some days if I don’t laugh, I cry.

My fitness journey (which never ends, btw), began when I started to get the worried and scared feeling that I was going to die too.  Not that I was afraid to die, because I’m not.  Thinking of the wreckage that such an event would bring to my two young children was too much to bear.  I immediately had a Living Will and Trust written with an attorney and was very clear about my last wishes.  (Something Kyle and I had never done that I WISH we would have.)  I had a fire lit inside of me.  I needed to take care of myself…not for me, but for Kyle and our babies.

I changed my diet and adopted the notion that food is fuel—which it is.  I didn’t eat anything that didn’t benefit my body nutritionally.  This was actually easier done than said, because I’m pretty sure my taste buds (along with my filter) disappeared after I lost Kyle. Food didn’t even taste good.  I was living on a lot of protein shakes, because I had no desire to eat.  No more dinner dates, family meals, celebratory meals—just me and a 1 and 4 year old.  Why cook?  I lived on frozen fish, cooked in the toaster oven, and steamed vegetables.  My memory is so bad, I’m not even sure what my kids ate?!  Thank God for friends and family–they put up with me through this entire “becoming super woman” phase of my life.  Heck, I think a few of them even jumped on board!

Diet was only part of the equation for me (don’t discount it…abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym– at least that’s what I keep wanting my mind to tell my stomach).  Physical movement and weight resistance are a game changer.  If you live near Edwardsville, Iron Orchid Studio is a must-try. They are some of the most genuine trainers I have ever met, and the members welcome you with open arms.  If you don’t live in this area, look for a functional movement gym near you.  It will change the way you look at fitness.

Until the next nap time…


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