Harry and David Got the Boot

I Broke Up with @Harry and David


Yes.  It’s official.  My 6 year streak of ordering Harry and David gifts for everyone and their brother for Christmas is over.

I love quality, beautifully packaged, ready-to-give gifts.  I love the cute towers of treats they offer.  I was introduced to Harry and David at my job working at a dental office. It was always a little exciting to see what each little box contained.  I guess that’s where Kaylee’s infatuation with the overpriced surprise LOL’s comes from. On holidays—mainly Christmas—some specialist offices that we would refer to would send a Christmas gift for the office. There seemed to always be a Harry and David brand gift.

My order arrived.  The secret is out.  I ordered the same thing for 25 people. All 25 of them were set to received quality delicious treats.  Yes, I ordered 25 Harry and David towers of treats.  These have been my go-to gifts for a long time.  I love that it is all consumable, yet comes packaged like fine jewelry.  I carried all 25 boxes just inside of the front door earlier today.  Sometimes I wrap the entire cardboard box (because of ease of wrapping a rectangular shape), and sometimes for neighbors and such, I’ll remove the gifts from the box and give it that way.

Camden was curious about what was inside.  I’m sure I miscalculated how many we needed, so I decided to let him open one—then we could see all the cuteness and enjoy their perfect apples & pears and indulge in their truffles and Moose Munch.  The kids were opening it with excitement like it was Christmas morning.  Then…the disappointment.

The pears!  The “Extraordinary Pears” as the card that comes with them boasts. “Carefully cultivated, tended and picked by hand”.  They all look like they were used during games of hot potato with clumsy, uncoordinated preschoolers.  Even the signature gold wrapped pear was squishy and had brown spots all over. The towers came with apples as well…they fared better than the pears, but were far from “Extraordinary”.

Now what.  Ugh. I emailed Harry and David.  (If you ever ask AJ about me being an unhappy customer, he will smile his giant smile and respond that I will take care of it with an email—-like the time I emailed St. Louis Bread Company because they hardly had any gluten free options.  Hind sight IS 20/20.  After all, there isn’t a more gluten contaminated restaurant anywhere.) Their response— “please accept our sincere apology and a personal discount coupon for 20% off your next order”.  Wait. They are wanting to apologize for 6×25 rotten pears by giving me a discount on my next order?  The same discount printed inside the promo card in every box?!  Really?! Now, I HAD to take action…the dreaded call.  I wasn’t going down like this.  I spent WAY too much on these to just throw away a huge part of these boxes.


My next adventure of the night…calling customer service.  Surprisingly, I only had to hold for a few seconds before the poor soul working in the complaint department picked up.  It got a little hot after all I was offered was an apology.  No. Not good enough.  These were not cheap AND I have 25 boxes of these!  Cutting to the chase, they refused to give us a refund or allow us to return it all.  We wanted to just send it all back. Nope. Not an option. The only options were 50% credit OR they would ship out new fruit.  Anyone who has seen a Harry and David tower knows that they are tied together with a beautiful ribbon for a perfect presentation.  This heavily accented man was not understanding that I would have to unpack, untie, unload, reload, repackage, rewrap…..25 of these! If it was 1…go for it.  Send me new fruit. The man on the line didn’t seem to care.

So, 2 ½ hours later, we are done unboxing, inspecting, removing and repacking the remaining items that were still good to give.  To top it off, AJ sliced his finger open in the middle of this mess.  Dinner still needed to be cleaned up, the 9-month old just wanted to dig her 4 ½ teeth into any piece of fruit- rotten or not- that she could get her hands on.

If you’re still reading this, I apologize that I just vented to you for the last 5-10 minutes, however fast you read.  If you learn anything from this, take caution when ordering mail order fruit.  Even if it is all cute and “Harry and David” brand, proceed with caution.  I guess I’m just grateful Camden wanted to open one up.  Otherwise, 25 of my closest friends and family would have received nearly fermented pears in the next week.  We made the best of our family project-night tonight, courtesy of Harry and David. If anyone has a need for half rotten pears, I’m your girl.  150 of them to be exact.

All in all…this is just STUFF. We can add it to our list of “remember when” moments in life.  At some point while you go through life, you learn to accept that you should embrace the good with the bad.  Even bad fruit.

Until the next naptime,


(Update:  After my 4th contact with someone at Harry and David, they refunded the full amount of the towers. This representative I spoke to was very friendly and wanted to make it right. The power of social media is almost scary!)

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