Give me ALL the Sprinkles, Anniversary Pudding, and Communion Snacks

Sprinkles, Pudding, and Communion Snacks–September 2019.  It’s been
one of those months of the year that I don’t particularly look forward to, just like April and November.


Another milestone anniversary has come and gone.  This year marks the point when I will have been NOT married to Kyle longer than I WAS. Monday, September 16th, Kyle and I would have celebrated 13 years of marriage. It is hard to believe I have lived through almost 7 of those years without him.  Shouldn’t I be over talking, writing, and thinking about him?  Heck no.  I didn’t chose to no longer have him in my life.  He was ripped away from our family.


Nevertheless, some how, I thank God I am still on earth with my children. Still living. Still loving. Still moving forward.



Kyle and I have shared our anniversary with his Aunt Nancy’s birthday for the last 13 years.  Nancy just had surgery on her foot recently, and lives alone.  No one should be alone on their birthday.  The kids and I made a chocolate pie.  I smiled putting sprinkles all over the top.  Kyle loved sprinkles.  He was a 30-year old man who wasn’t ashamed to order a chocolate ice cream cone with sprinkles.


Pudding Gloriousness….

Speaking of sugary favs, let’s get to the really good stuff. Have you ever made the cook and serve chocolate pudding?!  If not, you’ll have to venture out of the cave you’ve been living in your whole life to see what I mean.  After I poured the pudding into the graham cracker pie shell, I strategically place the dirty pan on the counter, by the sink, out of the way (for later of course).


Kyle used to LOVE to clean the bottom of the chocolate pudding pan.  The thick, gooey, chocolatey remnants were his jam—that and the layer on the top after the pudding cools.


Anyway, I looked over after dinner and to my despise—-AJ was eating the remnants of burnt on pudding bits out of the pan!  My first reaction was “what the heck?”, but a split second after that was a smile. He couldn’t possibly know how that made my heart hurt and love all at the same time.


Of course (even though we are supposed to be in the middle of Whole 30), I grabbed a spoon and shared the rest.

Having a little snack with Jesus……

Thinking about this triggered another memory of a favorite snack of Kyle’s.  Communion hosts.  Yes—that round, cardboard tasting, cross stamped, melt in your mouth treat reserved for communion.  Kyle would order them by the tub and just eat them like Cheetos.  He would say he’s just having a snack with Jesus.


I continued to travel down memory lane last week by ordering my very own jar of hosts.  Kaylee thinks they are delicious—Camden, not so much.  Mia could take it or leave it.  It honestly made me think about hosts were the original Puffs that she snacks on.


I’m crawling back out of my rock this week and looking forward to October.  I love fall and look forward to not sweating 1.2 seconds after I walk outside.  Thank you  to whomever actually enjoys reading the thoughts in my brain, and to my long time friend Heather, for telling me to quit being a blog slacker.


Until the next naptime,


5 thoughts on “Give me ALL the Sprinkles, Anniversary Pudding, and Communion Snacks

  1. Tracy VanBrooker says:

    I am retired ISP Springfield Communications. Although I did not know Kyle.. I feel like I do through you and those that loved and worked with him from District 9. May God continue to Bless you and yours.
    p.s. I love reading your thoughts 💙

  2. Cathy Jo says:

    Sarah, you never cease to amaze me, I love reading your blogs and how you are able to compare your two chapters, and especially how you honor Kyles memories! Thank you for making us all feel better!

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