Have Faith In Your Small Business

So, everyone needs a good story about faith. Here is mine for the moment.

A couple weeks ago, I was questioning this whole business adventure, Comforting Keepsakes. When you start something it takes an initial investment, then another, and another—time and monetary. I needed to have faith we will succeed or it is just putting time and money into a black hole. It wouldn’t be a complete fail, because I know I have helped people along the way, which is why I even started down this path.

We had been tracking the expenses/income the last few weeks and months nervously. I thought that there was no way I am going to be able to pay this without investing more. I said a little prayer and just asked God to guide me to whatever direction I needed to go. Should I throw in the towel or just go all in?

Well, yesterday was that day the credit card bill needed to be paid. I checked our business account, and thanks to two new sales this week, I was within $20 of being able to pay the credit card bill from the business account. Some could say it’s coincidence, but I’m going to put all my cards on God. I could be wrong about a lot of things in life, but betting against God isn’t one of them.

Starting a business is a learning process. Entrepreneurship and marketing are degrees that I am really learning to respect.

Until the next nap time…



Sarah Deatherage Steele

I am a Mom of 3, re-married widow, dental hygienist, fresh food snob, grief supporter for widows, and the creator of Comforting Keepsakes Sympathy Gifts.  My husband, AJ and I hand make and finish every detail of our Memory Boxes, in our garage! I love my family and friends, second chances, exploring new places, and of course food!

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