Everything has a beginning…

You  need to start a blog…you need to start a blog….you need to start a blog……like pulling off a bandaid for me…DONE!

Just getting to know a bit about me in this first post.  I am a re-married widow, and proud daughter and mother.  Most days you can find me at home with my 3 kiddos, at the gym, at Dierberg’s (my favorite grocery store) or in the garage making boxes!  My children are Kaylee (10), Camden (6), and Mia (9 months).  They keep me hopping and laughing (with occasional crying) most hours of the day! I work out at a studio called Iron Orchid, and have been for a really long time.  It helps me clear my mind, work out my frustrations and pump up the endorphins.  When I’m having a rough time, a good sweat always gets me in a better mood.  Plus, the people, or should I say gym friends, they are pretty darn great.

I am mostly known for being a widow, unfortunately.  I went to school for dental hygiene.  I worked as a hygienist at my job at The Smile Shoppe in Highland for 13 years.  Before November 2012, that was my identity, besides wife and mother.  After losing Kyle, everything changed.  The way I saw the world was different.  I used to be “super hygienist” (haha), saving the world one tooth at a time, but I started to lose that enthusiasm.  I felt like my patients needed Super Sarah, and I couldn’t deliver that any more. After resigning from my job in 2017 and doing some much needed soul searching, I found my place….

People often refer to me as the Trooper who was killed on I-55’s wife.  I hate it.  Every piece. Not because that is how I am referred to, because I am proud to be Kyle’s wife, but that my identity has become something that I did not choose. I could not control any part of that awful day.

I love serving the world by giving gifts that are full of support and comfort.  When soul searching, I needed to find something that gave back to the community that gave me so much.

The things I’m most passionate in life are my faith in God, law enforcement support, and my family being safe and protected.Because of my circumstances, I’ve been honored to speak at several public events.  I try to use my unfortunate platform for good.  Any time I can reach at least 1 person with any kind of hope, encouragement, or guidance, I am all about it.

That’s enough of an intro, I’d say.  Until the next naptime….

Sarah Deatherage Steele

I am a Mom of 3, re-married widow, dental hygienist, fresh food snob, grief supporter for widows, and the creator of Comforting Keepsakes Sympathy Gifts.  My husband, AJ and I hand make and finish every detail of our Memory Boxes, in our garage! I love my family and friends, second chances, exploring new places, and of course food!

Follow me!  I don’t know what I’m going to do or say next, but if it’s worth typing, it must be worth something…




10 thoughts on “Everything has a beginning…

  1. Cheryl Olchawa says:

    Love this Sarah. And I admire you helping others get thru their grief. Looking forward to be with you as you continue your journey through life.

  2. Sherry Day says:

    Looking forward to each post! Uplifting…yep but the raw reality of LIFE is my favorite part. You have a gift and we are BLESSED to be a part of your journey ❤️

  3. Cathy Frutiger says:

    I love that you are doing this, not only for you, but for us too! We love to know that you are ok! What you do for the community is awesome ! Love you and your beautiful family Sarah, and we miss Kyle like crazy too. We always enjoyed the time we spent with you and Kyle and the kiddos at Dylan and Jacks birthdays!!
    I’m so happy you have found your second chapter and AJ loves and supports what you do!!❤️💙❤️

  4. Sherry Semanek says:

    Sarah, I loved reading your intro blog. You are taking the difficult journey that has been given to you and are using it for the good of orhers. I look forward to following you on this journey.

  5. Denise says:

    Sometimes just writing down your thoughts can be such a release, but it can also be an artistic outlet, a memoir or a way to connect with others. You have that way to connect. Love u much and look forward to reading more.

    • comfortingkeepsakesbox says:

      You were my first thought! I always love reading yours! Especially seeing your beautiful photos. You, my friend, have a gift! Love you too!

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