Comforting Keepsakes and The Trooper Kyle Deatherage Memorial Partnership

To start off, I want to clarify that there is a different between these two things.

Comforting Keepsakes is a personal mission that I have set out to grow.

Jeremy and Kyle on our way to Vegas!

The Trooper Kyle Deatherage Memorial is a non-profit that is run by a board of trustees who have the sole purpose of designating donated funds to families of first responders, injured or killed.


Out of pain, has come growth.  Our friends, Jennifer and Jeremy Dunham decided to start a nonprofit, shortly after Kyle was killed.  The goal of this mission was to keep his public service legacy and job of helping others, alive.  The Trooper Kyle Deatherage memorial has assisted hundreds of families of the fallen and those injured in the line of duty.

Jeremy and Jen Dunham

Out of my grief, I have funneled my energy into my passion of gifting comfort to other grieving hearts.  Like most business missions or products, the creation comes out of necessity.  I found myself in the position of not knowing what to do to help others.

After spotting cut flowers at a visitation that we had sent for the family, a few feet away, I saw the exact same arrangement.  All I could think was—“this is dumb.”  These flowers are going to die, and then what?  The have nothing to touch, feel, or guide them in the days ahead after the numbness and grief stricken auto pilot wears off.

Comforting Keepsakes was created because I started gifting items that helped me, to others.  I wanted to get these in the hands of other law enforcement widows, but needed a way to fund my habit of giving things away.

A beautiful partnership was born between Kyle’s memorial and Comforting Keepsakes.  Together, we are able to raise money to fund memory boxes and gifts for families of the fallen.

The Trooper Kyle Deatherage Memorial Board

There is an amazing board behind Kyle’s naming making sure that Kyle’s memory is kept alive.  They are giving and selfless people.  Brad, Kip, Kate, Zach, Jeremy and Jen are truly the backbone to this organization.

We rely on donations to make these gifts possible.  I have never been one to enjoy soliciting or sales.  I try to share the impact we make on families to better educate others about how they can be a part of something bigger.



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