Chapter 2: In Honor of Our 2 Year Anniversary 1/1/19

A few words about my Chapter 2.  I’m sharing this in honor of our 2 year Anniversary today.
I married Kyle (my late husband) for life. The idea that our marriage would be cut short just after having our second child was unfathomable.
I didn’t think life would go on. I struggled to find my way to being open to love again.
Although I though I was having bad luck by having a leak in my basement wall, it turned out to be anything but. The plumber I called (who had been a patient of my years before) came to mind. I was keeping my circle very close because I trusted no-one.
AJ came into our lives and has left an impact of love that we never wanted to lose. AJ has embraced our past and encourages all of us with our daily struggles with grief.
He is incredible.
In December 2016, AJ asked me to be his wife. The kids were ecstatic!

In a conversation with AJ’s mom, Judy, she joked that we should get married on New Year’s Day….in 10 days. We laughed at the thought….until we actually liked the idea. With help from so many family and friends, we were able to put together an amazing day in 10 days!!!

I am so grateful for the support that we have had in our lives. The way I saw it, I had a choice. I chose to have a parter in life, a father figure for my children, and the opportunity to add love to our lives. Thank you for those who have chosen to be a part of that.
To anyone who ever finds themselves in my shoes, try not to let anyone tell you that happiness discounts the love you once had. Because it doesn’t.
I thank God for giving us this amazing man to live life with.

Sarah Deatherage Steele

I am a Mom of 3, re-married widow, dental hygienist, fresh food snob, grief supporter for widows, and the creator of Comforting Keepsakes Sympathy Gifts.  My husband, AJ and I hand make and finish every detail of our Memory Boxes, in our garage! I love my family and friends, second chances, exploring new places, and of course food!

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