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First Quarter of 2019….See Ya!

First Quarter of 2019….See Ya! Long time, no blog!  Life has been full of blessings, and a few set backs in the last few weeks.  Since the beginning of the year, we have moved, had two birthday parties, added a puppy, taken a much needed family vacation, and dealt with a few sicknesses here and […]

GRIEF: So Much More Than Loss

G-R-I-E-F   This word is so much more than the dictionary says:  deep sorrow, trouble or annoyance.  There are so many “fingers” of grief.  It expands into our everyday lives every hour, minute, even second of the day.  It affects decision making, all emotions—not just sadness, and physical struggles.   I remember getting so overwhelmed […]

Are widowers treated differently?

I began dating my husband, AJ, approximately 1 year after I lost my late husband Kyle.  There is no rule or etiquette for “how long” to wait to date after loss.  I’m sure everyone and their brother has an opinion on the subject.  (You know what they say about opinions…) Frankly, it’s no one’s flipping […]

Chapter 2: In Honor of Our 2 Year Anniversary 1/1/19

A few words about my Chapter 2.  I’m sharing this in honor of our 2 year Anniversary today. I married Kyle (my late husband) for life. The idea that our marriage would be cut short just after having our second child was unfathomable.   I didn’t think life would go on. I struggled to find […]

Have Faith In Your Small Business

So, everyone needs a good story about faith. Here is mine for the moment. A couple weeks ago, I was questioning this whole business adventure, Comforting Keepsakes. When you start something it takes an initial investment, then another, and another—time and monetary. I needed to have faith we will succeed or it is just putting […]

See a Therapist, Counselor, Life Coach, SOMETHING

Do yourself and everyone you know a favor:  See a Therapist, Counselor, Life Coach, SOMETHING!!   Before my husband was killed in the line of duty 6 years ago, I would have never dreamt of seeing a counselor.  I associated counseling/therapy with people that have issues.  Well, I got my issue November 26, 2012.  (Looking […]

Harry and David Got the Boot

I Broke Up with @Harry and David   Yes.  It’s official.  My 6 year streak of ordering Harry and David gifts for everyone and their brother for Christmas is over. I love quality, beautifully packaged, ready-to-give gifts.  I love the cute towers of treats they offer.  I was introduced to Harry and David at my […]

Christmas …. Bah humbug

  I love that we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.  I love Christmas lights, trees, smells, and decorations. I love the magic of Christmas and the kindness it brings to many, otherwise, cold hearts.  The sweet togetherness of baking Christmas cookies (especially our traditional Springerle–recipe below), taking my children to see Santa, […]